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8 Issues Your City or Town May Look for in Partnering for Stormwater Control, cont.

  1. Outreach. A CBP3 requires timely communication on progress, feedback, and forward planning. Key outreach points a municipality must consider include:
    • Effective and well-documented transparency and participation;
    • Opportunities for stakeholders, property owners, businesses, and institutions to become partners in planning and implementation;
    • Access for stakeholders to all relevant documents, plans, meetings, and reports;
    • Measurement and evaluation of the progress of the outreach efforts; and
    • The possibility of obtaining stormwater credits for implementing outreach programs.
  1. Stormwater and local building permit programs.  There must be a process in place to allow the contractor to obtain permits as quickly as possible so that the partnership can realize the benefits of fast-tracking the construction. There must also be the opportunity to refine and advance new technologies and construction practices so that the GI system operates as efficiently as possible.

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  1. Procurement and contract process. The CBP3 program must allow the community and the contractor to have equity in the contracting and procurement process. Does your municipality:
    • Allow for performance-based contracts?
    • Allow for negotiated and sole source contracts?
    • Allow for long-term projects?
    • Have provisions for including and developing local businesses?
    • Have procedures for the contractor to realize benefits for lowering construction and maintenance costs?
    • Have procedures for the community to realize benefits of lowering revenue streams from fees and taxes if the contractor operates more efficiently?
    • Allow for private entities to act as agents for the municipality for right-of-way, maintenance, and construction easements and agreements?
    • Allow for the contract to be used to respond to Capital Improvement Projects, in addition to stormwater management/ compliance projects?

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  1. Policy and regulation. Your state and municipality must have enabling legislation and a regulatory process that allows for the formation of a CBP3. The regulatory agencies must also be vested in the approach, allow for flexibility in the development of innovative BMPs, and recognize the pollutant load reduction benefits. This enabling should allow for (or not preclude) streamlining of environmental permitting.


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