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The EHS Daily Advisor and Safety in 5 Are on the Way!

To the loyal readers of the Safety Daily Advisor: Thanks for reading!

We’re revamping our newsletter lineup to be more responsive to our reader’s interests. Effective Monday, September 14, the Environmental Daily Advisor and the Safety Daily Advisor will consolidate into the EHS Daily Advisor, which will feature topics of interest to both Safety and Environmental pros, like hazardous substances, for example.

For our Safety Daily Advisor subscribers, we’re also going to offer two new weekly publications, Safety in 5 and Enviro in 5. Each of these weeklies will have brief summaries of five or six stories related directly to the field, each with a link to more detailed material. The “in 5” reflects our desire to offer readers a quick, but helpful read—in 5 minutes. We think this more compact delivery approach will help us focus our articles and make it easier for readers.

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This will all happen automatically; no action is required on your part. Initially, subscribers will get both spotlight publications, the safety one and the environmental one. If you do not wish to receive these publications, please go to the reader preference page. There you can easily opt out of any publications or sign up for others.

Great news! BLR’s renowned Safety.BLR.com® website now has even more time-saving features. Take our no-cost site tour! Or better yet, try it at no cost or obligation for a full 2 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at sbruce@blr.com.

I would also love to hear your opinions of our new publications, and your suggestions for what topics, issues, and challenges you would like us to tackle.

All best wishes,

Stephen D. Bruce PhD PHR
Managing Editor, BLR Media

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