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Cal/OSHA Responds to Fed/OSHA Criticisms, Promises Tougher Enforcement

Does Cal/OSHA conduct enough health inspections? When the agency inspects, does it issue citations in a timely manner? And does it keep up with follow-up inspections for serious violations? How about its complaint response times?

The employee watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibilities (PEER) has taken issue with Cal/OSHA’s performance in all of these areas—and has drawn responses from both federal OSHA (Fed/OSHA) and Cal/OSHA of interest to employers.

In February 2015, PEER submitted a formal Complaint About State Program Administration (CASPA) to Fed/OSHA, which responded to PEER’s allegations in June. At the end of July, Cal/OSHA also responded to all of the allegations, as well as to Fed/OSHA’s assessment. Cal/OSHA’s response details the ways the agency intends to increase and improve its enforcement activity.

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