Enforcement and Inspection

Know What Is Involved for Your NPDES Inspection!

The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program is complex and far-reaching, with a variety of permitting requirements. How should you prepare for your facility’s NPDES inspection? Avoid violation with these tips.

The NPDES program controls water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of the United States and establishes specific requirements for discharges from industrial sources. NPDES permittees are subject to facility inspections by their regulating authority. Knowing what inspectors are looking for and what violations they most often find, is essential to a successful inspection.

In all but four states, the NPDES permitting program is administrated by state agencies. Both the EPA and these delegated agencies have the authority to conduct inspections to determine compliance, and they may enter permitted facilities at reasonable times to conduct an inspection. Read on to find out what inspections typically entail.

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