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Getting to Zero: Practical Strategies for Meeting Zero-Incident Goals Through Successful Process Indicators

By John J. Meola

John J. Meola, CSP, safety director for Pillar Engineers in Richmond, Virginia, provides insight into the process and challenges involved in striving for zero-incident goals in a preview of his upcoming webinar on November 17.

We all want to do it, we all wish for it: zero incidents. A safety manager’s dream, the marketing department’s Holy Grail, the HR manager’s nirvana, the board room will be overjoyed, the boss can finally sleep well at night. But wait … has anyone really thought about how we can actually translate this lofty goal into reality?

The truth is, it’s really complicated. And, this process is not to be entered into lightly, because failure along the way can cause some unwanted “side effects” within your organization.

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