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OSHA Urges Caution During Louisiana Flood Cleanup

Louisiana residents—emergency workers, employers and the public—recovering from the impact of the recent floods should be aware of the hazards they may encounter and take necessary steps to stay safe, OSHA urges.

“Recovery work should not put you in the hospital emergency room,” said Benjamin Ross, OSHA’s Acting regional administrator in Dallas. “A range of safety and health hazards exist following flooding. You may minimize these dangers with knowledge, safe work practices and personal protective equipment. OSHA wants to make certain that all working men and women, including volunteers, return home at the end of the workday.”

Cleanup work after the flooding may involve hazards related to restoring electricity, communications, and water and sewer services. Other hazards pertain to demolition activities; debris cleanup and removal; and structural, roadway and bridge repair; hazardous waste operations; and emergency response activities.

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