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Educational Vodcast Has Tips for EHS on Implementing a ‘Smart Labs’ Design

Aircuity, creator of measurably better environments, has announced the release of its new educational vodcast. This vodcast discusses important tips for EHS professionals to keep in mind during the implementation of a Smart Labs Program on their campus. Information is provided about saving energy through intelligent ventilation and the health and safety benefits of Smart Labs.
A number of university and other life science organizations have begun to implement the Smart Labs Design in order to minimize energy usage while enhancing the health and safety of the space for occupants. The information in this vodcast is based on feedback collected from working with current Aircuity university EHS clients and was created for those clients interested in or beginning to implement a Smart Labs Program. Topics covered include an overview of the intelligent approach to reducing energy use, a lab-by-lab systematic evaluation, and the way in which data provided by a demand control ventilation system can benefit EHS professionals.

To view this vodcast and learn more about Smarts Labs Design for university EHS teams, visit the YouTube page here.

About Aircuity

Aircuity creates smart airside solutions through its intelligent building platform, significantly reducing energy costs and improving the indoor environmental quality for occupants. As the demand control solution, Aircuity optimizes ventilation rates through its patented technology. As a result, commercial, institutional, and lab building owners can lower operating costs, protect occupants and verifiably reduce energy use by as much as 60%. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, Aircuity’s solutions have benefited over 400 organizations such as Google, Amazon, Eli Lilly, Masdar City, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California-Irvine. For additional information on the company and its solutions, please visit:

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