What Employees Need Confined Space Awareness Training?

Q: Is confined space awareness training required for employees in general industry who do not enter permit-required confined spaces?
Confined space
Under the general industry confined spaces standard (29 CFR 1910.146), confined space awareness training is not required for employees who are not involved with permit-required confined space entry. Only employees authorized to perform permit-required confined space entry are required to be trained before they are first assigned entry duties; before there is a change in assigned duties; whenever there is a change in permit space operations that presents a hazard about which an employee has not previously been trained; and whenever the employer has reason to believe that there are deviations from the permit space entry procedures or that there are inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge or use of these procedures.

However, if the workplace contains permit spaces, the employer is required to inform all exposed employees, by posting danger signs or by any other equally effective means, of the existence and location of and the danger posed by the permit spaces. The employer is also required to take effective measures to prevent employees from entering the permit spaces if employees are prohibited from entering them.

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