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Do You Need Help Building the Business Case for EHS Software?

You may have heard of the powerful changes EHS management software is bringing to all kinds of organizations. You may have heard how it’s saved lives and money while reducing insurance premiums, but some things that don’t get the attention they deserve are process automation, workforce engagement, and freedom from disparate data sources, to name a few.

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As an EHS professional, you already know the impact this software can have on an organization. But getting alignment and convincing executive decision-makers can be tricky. What else should you include in your business case to fast-track their approval? You’ll find out at a workshop hosted by Intelex!

Why Should I Attend?

Coming out to a workshop with like-minded professionals and experts in the EHS space offers you a unique advantage. We partnered with Microsoft and Arcadis to design a workshop that helps you:

  • Gain influencer consensus
  • Circumvent objections with a readiness assessment
  • Leverage compelling data to back your business case
  • Identify high-value business gains decisions-makers care about, and
  • Learn how to avoid common business case pitfalls.

What Will Happen at the Workshop?

Start your day off by coming to the Microsoft Technology Centre, a state-of-the-art facility that promotes an environment for learning. Sign in, get settled, and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Grab a cup of coffee and mingle with your peers.

Then it’s time to deep dive into a readiness assessment to understand just how prepared your organization is for software. It’s not just about knowing how ready your organization is but also about understanding the common pitfalls and challenges that come with new software—and learning useful strategies to face them.

After a short break, it’s time to get to your business case. In this two-part session, we first learn how to build the right kind of business case and hear from the experts on how they successfully built and pitched theirs. In part two, it’s time to build yours using our free template. You’ll be able to ask the experts questions and get to the writing of your business case. Of course, you won’t be able to build it in a few short hours, but this exercise is all about getting started and determining exactly what to say. The experts will be available to answer questions and provide any help you need.

The final part of the workshop gives you a chance to ask any unresolved questions. And remember, as an added bonus, all participants will receive a free consulting hour from our partner to review the business a few weeks after the workshop.

Does this sound like something you want to attend? There are limited spots remaining, so make sure you sign up today using the link below.

Yes, register me now!

We can’t wait to see you!

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