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New Application Deadline for the Safety Standout Awards—January 24!

The deadline for nominations for the EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Standout Awards is now January 24, 2020! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) we’ve received about our awards program, including how you can apply and if applications are really free for download.

Q: How do I nominate myself or my company?

A: First, you need to visit live.blr.com/ehs-daily-advisor-safety-standout-awards/ to download your applications—organizations can submit nominations in up to two of our six categories for this round of awards. When you decide which categories you wish to enter, follow this simple process:

  1. Click “Download Application”, which will open the PDF in your web browser. Then click on the “download” button to save the PDF to your computer—do not fill out the application in your browser, as this may result in loss of data.
  2. Once you have downloaded the PDF, open it on your computer and complete all of the fillable fields in the form.
  3. Save the completed form to your computer.
  4. Send this saved digital file as an e-mail attachment to EHSDAawards@blr.com along with any supplemental materials as required by the award category’s description.

Note: We recommend that you send the digital fillable PDF rather than printing and then scanning your application before you send it.  The printed/scanned PDFs may cut off your answers in the fillable fields, while digital files will allow us to see your entire answer regardless of its length.

Q: Is it really free to apply?

A: Yes. Unlike other awards programs, we do not charge an application fee to submit a nomination to the Safety Standout Awards. This is thanks to our awards program sponsor, SafeStart.

Q: So what’s the catch?

A: The only “catch” is that our winners get to attend Safety Summit 2020 this spring in Indianapolis, IN! Safety Standout Award winners agree to send at least one representative from their organization to accept the award in person at a ceremony during our conference April 6-8. However, this individual’s registration is complimentary, and we also offer discounts on registration for additional representatives from winning companies should they like to attend. Discounts are also offered to runners-up and general applicants for the Safety Standout Awards.

Q: We do we get if we win?

A: In addition to the one free Safety Summit 2020 conference registration described above, Safety Standout Award winners receive a plaque as well as media coverage on the EHS Daily Advisor website, in a press release, and in a feature article for Safety Decisions magazine.

Q: When do we find out if we won?

A: All applicants (including selected winners and runners-up) will be notified of their application status by e-mail no later than March 6, 2020.

Q: Who else has won a Safety Standout Award?

A: This is our fifth round of awards, and our previous winners have been a diverse array of people, organizations, and industries that all have one thing in common—a deep commitment to workplace safety. You can read about all of our previous award winners in the below EHS Daily Advisor articles:

So why wait? Download your free applications today and we hope to see you in Indianapolis in April!

Have additional questions about the awards that weren’t answered here? Send them to EHSDAawards@blr.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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