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EHS Leadership Week: A Review

As EHS Daily Advisor’s Leadership Week wraps up, let’s take a look back at the various content offerings that became available throughout the week. Workplace safety starts from the top down, and Leadership Week highlighted the different company strategies that EHS leaders are using to continue moving their workforces forward.

Be sure to check out these virtual events and resources designed to help you plan and execute your EHS leadership initiatives.


Back to Basics | Tips for Toolbox Talks 

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine toolbox talks and tips for making them more effective in the workplace. 

Read the article here.

Panel Discussion | EHS Hot Topics for 2022: Safety Culture, Employee Engagement, and Workforce Retention

Even without a seemingly never-ending pandemic, EHS managers have plenty of issues to deal with on a daily basis. In this panel discussion, which was sponsored by Avetta, we discussed how to improve workplace safety culture, increase employee engagement, and take action to deal with high employee turnover. Learn how to manage these issues, which regardless of whether COVID-19 goes away, will continue to present challenges for organizations. This panel featured Claire Beich, CSP, CESCL, Owner, Ascend Consulting Environmental Health & Safety, and Steve Roberts, PhD, Senior Partner, Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


EHS on Tap Podcast | What Safety Leaders Should Focus on in 2022

In this safety leadership-themed episode of EHS on Tap, host Jay Kumar interviewed the experts at the Safety Justice League—Abby Ferri, Jason Lucas, and Jason Maldonado—about what safety leaders need to focus on in 2022. You won’t want to miss this exciting episode!

Listen here.

Educational Session | Feedback from the FieldResearching the Frontline Experience 

Frontline workers hold consumer safety, quality, and brand reputation in their hands. Are you giving your frontline staff what they need to do their best work, every day? Dive into pivotal data by SafetyCulture and YouGov from real workers on the frontline: do they feel listened to, empowered to take action, or supported? Check out this educational session sponsored by SafetyCulture to gain insights data about the future of work from research conducted by SafetyCulture and YouGov from workers on the frontline, and more.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.  


Ask the Expert Feature Article | OSHA Regulations for Exit Routes  

In this installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by the team of industry experts at EHS Hero®, we looked at a recent question from a subscriber asking about OSHA regulations for exit routes in an upstairs office. See what the experts had to say.

Read the article, here.

Educational Session | Strategies for Establishing Better Communication for Safety Leadership

Communication is crucial to establishing a greater health and safety program, and furthermore engaging early with your senior leadership will help you make decisions efficiently and safely. Check out our educational session, sponsored by Evotix, to hear expert speaker Langdon Dement paint the picture of where your organization sits when it comes to its health and safety and discuss best practices of understanding what is happening within the organization and how this influences continuous improvement. He also established how utilizing better insights will shift to a more predictive mindset when managing health and safety, and more!

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


“Faces of EHS” Feature Interview | Lesli Johnson on Diversity and Fulfillment 

On our weekly “Faces of EHS” column, we profile leaders in the industry, shining a light on their background, best practices, trends, and, most importantly, how they keep their organizations safe, healthy, productive, and compliant. This week, our editorial team sat down with Lesli Johnson of CNA Insurance to discuss her biggest influences, diversity in the industry, mental health support, and finding a job that provides fulfillment.

Read the interview here.

Educational Session | Safety and the Supervisor: Developing Frontline Leadership Skills to Improve Safety Outcomes

Safety professionals can leverage the role of frontline leaders to reduce injuries and increase safety awareness among workers. Supervisors are a crucial contributor to safety success. They are the bridge between organizational directives and on-the-ground operations. As a result, the skills and knowledge that your supervisors possess can ultimately make or break your company’s safety efforts.

In this educational session sponsored by SafeStart, we did a deep dive into six key factors that determine how shift supervisors influence safety outcomes with SafeStart’s Chris Ross, CSP, CPTD. He provided an overview of how each of these factors functions, and discussed specific actions and skills supervisors can use to influence positive results.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.

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