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EHS Now Fireside Chat: Focusing on Safe Operations

Join us next Wednesday, March 23 at 12:45 p.m. EDT for a fireside chat that will provide tips and advice on how to prioritize safe operations in your business.

As part of Day 1 of EHS Now, this presentation by Evotix CEO Matthew Elson and Global EHS Specialist Langdon Dement will explain how to manage safety so that it leads to great operational performance.

In this session, presenters will:

  • Cover fundamentals of good operational management
  • Explore how safety is a key part of your operations ecosystem
  • Consider how employee engagement drives quality and consistency
  • Discuss how doing safety enhances the overall business and delivers profit


Matthew Elson

Matthew acquired Evotix (formerly SHE Software) in October 2011. He combines strong commercial and leadership skills with strategic insight developed through a career of varied roles.

Matthew began his career as an engineer before spending 6 years at McKinsey as a management consultant.Since then, he has built extensive executive experience in large and small businesses, including as CEO of ESR Technology, a manufacturer and engineering consultancy and as MD of Atkins Management Consulting division.

Heavily involved in all aspects of day to day operations at Evotix, Matthew ensures the business remains focused and clearly/tightly directed and that the team is engaged and energised. He frequently meets customers and prospects and ensures that the product is developed to meet market needs and enhance value.

Langdon Dement
Global EHS Specialist

Langdon Dement is a graduate of Murray State University, with a Masters in Occupational Health and Safety and a graduate of Harding University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He has over 10 years’ experience in implementing and maintaining health, safety, and risk management programs and policies for a plethora of industry segments including, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution/Wholesale, Retail, Public Entities, and Construction.

Mr. Dement is a Certified Safety Professional and an Associate Ergonomics Practitioner. He has is a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. He has presented nationally and internationally on culture transformation, the importance of incident management, and job hazard analysis.

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