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EHSDA Song of the Week: Accidents Will Happen

Workplace accidents are unfortunate and all-too-common, and indeed, much of what we cover here at EHS Daily Advisor is about how to prevent accidents. The latest EHSDA Song of the Week comes from the great Elvis Costello and the Attractions, whose 1979 song “Accidents Will Happen” examines the damage done in relationships, but we’re going to extrapolate it to the world of workplace safety.

Released on the album Armed Forces, “Accidents Will Happen” hit #28 on the U.K. Singles Chart and #101 in the U.S., just outside the Billboard Hot 100. It’s considered one of Costello’s best songs in a long career full of great music.

Costello has said the song was about his failings as a husband and father after he first became famous. The animated music video for the song features cartoon footage of the band mixed with accidents, such as a bathtub overflowing and a nuclear missile being launched.

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