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EHSDA Song of the Week: Falling Forward

Protecting workers from fall hazards should be a priority of any business. This week, EHS Daily Advisor provided some tips and advice about developing your fall protection program. Tying in with that, the Song of the Week is “Falling Forward,” a punchy song from the band Sweeping Promises.

The song is on Hunger for a Way Out, the 2020 debut album from Sweeping Promises, a duo that formed in Boston but is now located in Lawrence, Kansas.

The group, which consists of singer-bassist Lira Mondal and multi-instrumentalist Caufield Schnug, plays ’80s-inspired post-punk that’s catchy and energetic and reminiscent of bands like Missing Persons. “Falling Forward” highlights the band’s style of angular guitars, danceable rhythms and lo-fi recording techniques.

Sweeping Promises released its second album, Good Living is Coming for You, in 2023 and followed it up with a world tour.

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