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EHS Safety Training Week: A Review

As EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Training Week wraps up, let’s recap the various content offerings that became available throughout the week. A special thanks to Avetta, Columbia Southern University, HSI, Intelex, KPA, and Veriforce for sponsoring.


Back to Basics | Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine how to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. 

Read the article here.

Panel Discussion | Who Should Handle Safety Training?

Sponsored by: Columbia Southern University, KPA, Veriforce

In this panel discussion, Brandy Zadoorian, CSP, CSD, CEO and Principal Consultant, Triangle Safety Consulting LLC, and Brye Sargent, CSP, safety management coach and trainer, and owner, visionary, and content creator of The Safety Geek podcast, discuss who should conduct EHS safety training and why it’s not who you might expect.

View the discussion here.

White Paper | How Intelex Supports Safety Culture from the Front Lines

Sponsored by: Intelex

A proactive safety culture needs the support of the frontline workers who perform critical tasks every day. While the traditional approach of using lagging indicators and root cause analysis has been effective at reducing incidents, the new age of big data holds the promise of using lagging and leading indicators to create a proactive approach to safety that prevents incidents before they ever happen.

This Insight Report examines how Intelex supports frontline workers and empowers them to become critical contributors to a proactive safety culture in your organization.

Download the white paper here.


Exclusive day sponsor: HSI

EHS on Tap Podcast | Jill James on Common Misconceptions About Safety Training

Tune in for an exciting episode of our informative podcast, EHS on Tap, where Jill James, Chief Safety Officer at HSI, talks about common misconceptions regarding safety training. This episode is sponsored by HSI.  

Listen to the conversation here.

Educational Session | What Safety Training Do You Need? Mapping Training to OSHA regulations ;

Sponsored by: HSI

Join HSI Chief Safety Officer and former state OSHA inspector Jill James and Kristi McClure, LCSW, Marketing Director at HSI, as they show you how to dig into OSHA regulations and understand them and where to find training mandates, including frequency of training. They’ll walk you through HSI’s OSHA Safety Training Assessment tool so you can identify the minimum safety and health training your workplace needs.

View the discussion here.


Exclusive day sponsor: KPA

Ask the Expert | Identifying Areas of Need for Safety Training

In our EHS Safety Training Week installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by KPA, we hear from Shawn Smith, Product Director, Training at KPA, who provides guidance, tips, and advice about safety training and how you can more effectively provide it.

Read the article here.

Educational Session | Navigating the Digital Transformation of Safety Training

Sponsored by: KPA

Speaker: AJ Ruperto, Manager, Video Acquisition, KPAIn an era where digital transformation is not just a trend but a necessity, EHS and training professionals face unique challenges in adapting to online platforms for safety training. The rapid shift from traditional, in-person training sessions to virtual environments requires a nuanced understanding of both technological tools and effective online engagement strategies.

Throughout this interactive session, AJ Ruperto, Manager, Video Acquisition, KPA, introduces participants to the latest in online learning technologies and methodologies that are reshaping the way safety training is conceptualized and delivered. He explores the benefits of transitioning to online safety training, including increased accessibility, flexibility, and the ability to track and measure training effectiveness more accurately.

View the presentation here.


Exclusive day sponsor: Avetta

Faces of EHS Feature Interview | Rachel Walla-Housman on the Future of Safety Training

In this Faces of EHS profile, brought to you by Avetta, we sat down with Rachel Walla-Housman, founder of Ally Safety, to discuss how she got her start in the industry, safety as a potential third-party service, and the importance of engaging, relatable safety training.

Read the interview here.

Educational Session | Our Brains on ‘Safety’: What We’re Learning About Better Safety Communications and Why It Matters in Today’s Workforce

Sponsored by: Avetta

While we can all agree on the moral imperative that ‘no one gets hurt today’, the corporate safety messaging we often hear falls flat and is disconnected from the reality of work as experienced at the worker level. Additional complexities, such as the increasing use of contract and temporary workers, also add layers of potential disconnection around critical safety issues between those assuming the greatest risk (the workers!) and those in a position to provide the resources and tools for workers to best manage those risks (leadership).

In this interesting and in-depth conversation, Scott DeBow, CSP, ARM, Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental, Avetta, explains how neuroscience is teaching us better workforce communications, the strengths and weaknesses of our formal, traditional safety communications and how a systems-based approach to improving communications in our modern workforce better directs our collective focus to prevent Serious Injuries & Fatalities while driving continuous improvement.

View the discussion here.


Friday Demo Day Session 1 |  An All-in-One Approach to Safety with KPA Flex

Sponsored by: KPA

It’s time to ditch the manual processes and outdated safety software. Make the move to KPA Flex: EHS software that’s actually easy to use and configurable to your unique needs. Join KPA’s solutions expert, Ben Groves, as he shows how Flex helps EHS managers establish and implement a comprehensive safety program, make data-driven decisions, and take real-time action to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

View the presentation here.

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