Breaking the Chain of Repeat Accidents

Yesterday’s Advisor conducted something of a forensic examination into the causes of repeat accidents. Today we turn to strategies for breaking that expensive and demoralizing chain. Armed with yesterday’s information about the people and places most likely to be involved in repeat accidents, as well as some contributing factors, we’re ready to move on to […]

Safety CSI: Repeat Accidents

Today we tackle the topic of repeat accidents, including figuring out likely locations, identifying likely suspects, and determining other factors that can aid and abet. It’s bad enough when an accident happens once. But if the same or similar accidents happen repeatedly, the damage multiplies. That’s why it’s so important to break the chain of […]

Are Your Forklift Operators Due for Retraining?

Yesterday we looked at the growing number of forklift-free workplaces, including some of the advantages they offer and some of the obstacles to a smooth conversion. But most facilities won’t be getting rid of their forklifts any time soon, so today we’ll look at OSHA forklift training requirements and at a tool that will help […]

Is ‘Forklift-Free’ in Your Future?

Forklifts have long been the workhorses of production plants and warehouses, but there is a growing trend toward forklift-free work areas, fueled by proponents’ claims of increased safety, cost savings, and flexibility. It’s hard to picture production plants without forklifts ferrying materials to assembly lines, but that is becoming the case in an increasing number […]

Sharper Minds for Safer, Healthier Workers

Our Safety Training Tips editor says that taking steps to keep their brains sharp makes your employees safer workers who will live healthier, longer lives. Workplace safety and health depends on alert workers. Keeping employees’ brains sharp and focused on the challenges they face at work helps them to learn, solve problems, and become more […]

Employee Child Porn and Contraband: What to Do About It

Yesterday we looked at a disturbing New Jersey court decision holding that employers have a duty to investigate the activities of employees whose computers are found to contain pornography, and that employers could be held liable for failing to do so. Today we’ll explore that topic further, and take a look at policies that can […]

Employee Child Porn: Can You Be Held Liable?

One company found out the hard way that failing to investigate the activities of an employee whose company computer contained pornography can lead to legal liability. Here’s a look at that case and what it could mean for you. The facts of the 2005 New Jersey case Jane Doe v. XYC Corp. are troubling, to […]

Lifesaving Tips for Cold Weather Work

Yesterday we told you about a new safety standard designed to help assess risk and manage work in cold environments. Today we’ll look at more tips for keeping workers safe in cold workplaces—and at tool that makes sure you cover all of the bases. Whether employees are working indoors or outdoors, they need to be […]

New Standard Seeks to Manage Risk in Cold Workplaces

As we settle into the frosty winter months, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at a new standard, from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), designed to help assess risk and manage work in cold environments. Because of the negative impact of cold on human health and performance, as well as on […]

Invisible, Tasteless, and Odorless—And a Killer

Our Safety Training Tips editor says that while the dangers of radon gas may be a safety problem primarily in the home environment, it’s something your workers should be trained on. Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. Although most people don’t know it, radon kills many thousands of Americans every year. And what they generally […]