Category: Chemicals

Today’s workplace uses thousands of chemicals, many of which are hazardous. The resources in this section will help guide you in the safe and legal identification, storage, transport, and use of these chemicals, and in making sure that your employees right to know how to be safe around such substances is provided, as required by law.

Rules for Flammable Liquids in Industrial Plants

Good housekeeping is an absolute requirement when there are hazardous materials in your workMost industrial plants have some kind of flammable liquids on site. And since the primary hazards are explosion and fire, the consequences of improper storage and handling can be disastrous. According to 29 CFR 1910.106(a)(19), "flammable liquid" means any liquid having a […]

EPA’s Proposed UST Rules – Secondary Containment

What is EPA proposing? Currently EPA requires secondary containment and interstitial monitoring for hazardous substance tanks only. EPA is proposing UST owners and operators install secondary containment and interstitial monitoring for new and replaced tanks and piping installed after the effective date of the final UST regulation. The secondary containment must be able to contain […]