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Healthy Worker Lunch

The NIOSH Guide to a Total Worker Health Program

Did you know that workers who are obese are more likely to suffer strains and sprains? So, you may invest a great deal in your ergonomic program, but unless your workforce maintains healthy weight levels, you could still see injuries.

Improved Health Results in Impressive ROI

If you’ve been focusing attention on improving employee health, you’ll want to check out encouraging new findings about the positive impact on business when employers address health and wellness.

Creating a Healthy Workplace: Trends and Tips

You’ve read about workplaces that offer everything from healthy takeout meals to on-site yoga, massages, and napping pods. Maybe that describes your approach. Or, perhaps your organization has held back, not knowing quite where—or if—to start.

Suicide Risk Is High. Do Your Manager Know the Signs?

When we think about workplace violence, thoughts turn to shootings and other person-to-person violence. But suicide is also a serious risk. Keep reading for important information about the signs that an employee may be considering taking his or her own life and to find out which industry’s workers are especially at risk.

Q&A: Gauze as Biohazardous Waste

We recently received the following question from a customer: I work in a warehouse. If an employee has an accident and a the trained responder wore latex gloves, patted the blood away with gauze pads, and placed a large bandage on the wound, is this considered biohazardous waste?