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05/16/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 05/20/2022 3:00 pm EDT

EHS Technology Week 2022

Join us for a full week of online events and digital resources around EHS technology—all absolutely free! Learn how to incorporate technological tools and systems to keep your organization safe and up-to-date on all technological trends.

05/12/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Changes to OSHA’s HazCom Standard: Are You Prepared?

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The Hazard Communication Standard has been in place since 1983. Since then, the only major change has been the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System, or GHS in 2012. However, more changes are coming, and we want to help you to be prepared for a smooth transition. Join us on May 12, for a

05/10/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Does This Apply to Me? Making Sense of the Many Electrical Regulations and Standards

Speaker(s): Lee Marchessault, President, Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc.

During this webinar, Marchessault will cover five regulatory sections, in Parts 1910 and 1926, directly related to electrical safety for employees. The need to fully understand associated standards, such as the NEC (NFPA 70) and NFPA 70E, is necessary to fill in the gaps not clearly covered in the

04/28/2022 12:00 pm EDT - 04/29/2022 4:00 pm EDT

2022 Workplace Violence Virtual Master Class: Active Shooter Preparedness & Response Strategies

Speaker(s): Travis Vance, Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP & Orvel Ronk, Owner & President, Ronk Security Solutions, LLC

When it comes to protecting your business and its employees, reparation and response need to be top of mind. And this virtual Master Class will teach you how to prepare, react & respond to active shooter threats. Arm your staff with the knowledge they need today to stay safe!

04/21/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Increasing EHS Team Productivity Through Intelligent Automation

Speaker(s): Jake Freivald, VP, Product Marketing at Fulcrum

This webinar will discuss how to break down your existing safety processes into distinct steps that can be digitized, enriched, and automated at scale, including: Making safety-related observations, issues, and tasks Stepping through detailed, customized safety inspection checklists Communicating ha

04/20/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Constructing Engaging Safety Training

Speaker(s): Claire V. Beich, President/Owner, Ascend Consulting EHS, LLC

Whether it is because of high turnover, the high number of annual safety trainings, or the new way we have to conduct training at a distance, your training could be the most exposure an employee can get to seeing what “good looks like.”

04/19/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

DEI in EHS: A Link Between Total Worker Health® and EHS Culture

Speaker(s): Subena Colligan, CIH, CSP (Moderator), Principal Coach at S. Colligan Coaching; Jennifer M.T. Hsu, EHS Project Specialist at Milestone Technologies

Join us on April 19, for a free webinar with EHS experts Subena Colligan and Jennifer Hsu. During this webinar they will be presenting key concepts of DEI and unconscious bias in the workplace and discussing how they specifically tie into EHS. They will also be identifying actions that attendees can

04/12/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Change Makers: How to empower your employees to drive ESG strategies

Speaker(s): Krystal Truax, Director of Product Management for the Environmental and Sustainability Clouds, Cority

Not sure where to start to drive real change in sustainability and ESG throughout your organization? The simple answer is: your people. By engaging employees at all levels of the organization, you both increase their support and buy-in of ESG strategies as well as their job satisfaction.

04/11/2022 2:00 pm EDT - 04/15/2022 3:00 pm EDT

EHS Enviro, Social, & Governance Week 2022

Join us for a full week of online events and digital resources around ESG – all absolutely free! Learn how to incorporate ESG into your organization for 2022 and beyond.

04/05/2022 12:00 pm EDT - 04/06/2022 4:00 pm EDT

2022 OSHA Compliance & Recordkeeping Virtual Master Class

Speaker(s): Adele L. Abrams, Esq., ASP, CMSP, Firm President at Law Offices of Adele L. Abrams P. C.

Don’t be caught in OSHA’s crosshairs! Attend this virtual master class and discover OSHA safety recordkeeping essentials that can be applied to any injury or illness—and any situation, especially the COVID-19 pandemic.