[Infographic] Guide to the New ANSI and EN388 Cut Levels

[Infographic] Guide to the New ANSI and EN388 Cut Levels

by Joe Geng

Did you hear? ISEA recently announced the arrival the new ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Hand Protection Classification. Among the many other significant changes to the old cut testing standard, this exciting news means that, in order to increase the accuracy in test results among glove manufacturers, the way in which the level of cut resistance is assigned to a particular glove during cut testing is going to be different. Now, instead of five levels, there are now nine different ANSI cut levels. As well, changes to the old classification of the EN388 levels are also currently under review.

We’ve created the colourful infographic below to make it easier for you to understand the new cut levels for the updated ANSI and EN388 standards and their corresponding applications.

New ANSI and EN388 Cut Levels

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