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Safety Leader Expresses Concern at Fatality Stats

Even though fatal job accidents have declined over the past several years to 4,609 in 2011, they are still too high, says the president of ASSE. "It’s alarming that 13 people a day are dying from work-related injuries," says Richard A. Pollack, president of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) . "This is a […]

OSHA Withdraws Proposed Interpretation on Occupational Noise

OSHA announced today that it is withdrawing its proposed interpretation on occupational noise, entitled: “Interpretation of OSHA’s Provisions for Feasible Administrative or Engineering Controls of Occupational Noise.” The proposed interpretation would have expanded upon the “feasible administrative or engineering controls” phrasing used in OSHA’s noise standard. It was first published on Oct 19, 2010 in […]


Emissions Limits Unchanged for Leather Finishers

The four facilities subject to EPA’s 2002 National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for leather finishing operations received a clean bill of health following the Agency’s residual risk and technology review (RTR).

Yes, Respirator Training Really Is Required

Yesterday’s Advisor reviewed the inspection, maintenance, storage, and repair requirements of OSHA’s respiratory protection regulation. Today we move on to the regulation’s often ignored training requirements—and a handy resource for meeting those OSHA mandates. In any workplace in which a respirator is required, the employer must establish a written respiratory protection program with specific procedures […]

Take Action Now to Reduce Ergonomic Risks

Reducing ergonomic risks in your workplace can have substantial benefits such as fewer MSD incidents, fewer lost workdays, lower workers’ comp costs, improved productivity and morale, and greater safety. You can reduce ergonomic risks in your workplace by using: Engineering controls, such as redesigning workstations, tools, and equipment to increase worker comfort and prevent MSDs […]

Are Employers Liable for Home Office Injuries?

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in some businesses. But it’s also becoming increasingly clear that this practice can expose employers to greater risk of liability for employee injuries. Employees love telecommuting, or telework, for the comfort and flexibility. Employers love it because of the lower overhead expenses. And everybody loves it because it […]

Family Business Brings Safety Training In-House

For Jerry McGlynn, safety director for McWilliams Electric Company, bringing training in-house was a strategic choice. In today’s Advisor, we learn more about why he made the choice and how he implements training. About 10 years ago, McGlynn’s father, who owns the company, began to calculate what he was spending to send employees out for […]

What Are You Doing for Drug-Free Work Week?

Next week is Drug-Free Work Week. The purpose of this event is to reinforce the importance of keeping your workplace drug- and alcohol-free. Discover how you can promote a safer, drug-free workplace next week and all year long. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), which sponsors Drug-Free Work Week, says that this event is dedicated […]

GHS: A Necessary But Significant Change

Adoption of GHS by OSHA will affect HazCom compliance in significant ways. But experts say the change is necessary and will benefit U.S. businesses and workers. Adoption of GHS by OSHA will trigger the need for considerable retraining, according to Bernard K. Russiello of RC2 Consulting in West Grove, Pennsylvania. For example, instead of being […]