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Promote Holiday Safety This Month

The holidays are here and that means trees, lights, and other decorations going up in and around employees’ homes. Help your workers have a happy—and safe—holiday season. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), hundreds of home fires start every year with Christmas trees, and candles cause thousands of home fires. Many deaths and […]

Exporting World Class Safety: Part 2

Yesterday, we told you about how DuPont exports world class safety through its safety consulting services. Today, we introduce you to another organization that exports what it has learned about workplace safety to other businesses so that they, too, can improve their safety process. The development of a strong internal safety process ultimately led Milliken […]

The Pesky Details of Working Safely with Pesticides

September is Farm Safety and Health Month, and our Safety Training Tips editor says that while you may think of farming as peaceful, bucolic work, it is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Farm work injuries affect all demographics. Many seniors, women, and teens work on family farms and are […]

State Requirements: Do They Really Reduce Injuries and Illness?

As proof of the success of injury and illness prevention programs, OSHA cites the experiences of eight states that either require a program or provide incentives through workers’ comp programs. Alaska. Five years after the state implemented an injury and illness program requirement, the net decrease in injuries and illnesses (i.e., the statewide reduction in […]

Why Plan for the Fire You Don’t Expect?

Although the chances of a fire at your workplace may be slim, the benefits to be gained from proper fire safety planning are immeasurable. You undoubtedly do a lot to prevent workplace fires, and perhaps you feel comfortable that your efforts will fireproof your facility. But since you just never know, and since it doesn’t […]

The Company Holiday Party: Celebration or Bad Hangover?

Having a holiday party and a having a safe time are not mutually exclusive. It’s the kind of party an employer throws that may make the difference between a lawful dream and a legal nightmare. The culprit for potential legal nightmares resulting from company holiday parties will probably come as little surprise: alcohol. Drunk driving, […]

H1N1: Planning for the Flu Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges employers to review and revise pandemic plans in light of the current H1N1 influenza outbreak, taking into account the extent and severity of disease in your community. Your workplace may have already been affected this past spring and summer by outbreaks of H1N1 flu. The CDC […]

States Argue Jurisdiction in WOTUS Case

Industry and many states are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to decide a critical jurisdictional matter related to the Clean Water Rule ((CWR), June 29, 2015, Federal Register (FR) promulgated by the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). More commonly called the waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, the action provided […]

Prepare Your Employees for Virtual Training?

Virtual training is an effective new way to train … as long as learners are ready to engage with the new training environment. Today’s Advisor presents part one of a two-part series in which we hear from one expert on virtual learning. When making the move to virtual training, "we, as trainers, often get caught […]

OSHA Says You Can Prevent Violence

This content was originally published in January 2000. For the latest in safety management, visit our archives or try our online compliance portal, OSHA Says You Can Prevent Violence Workplace violence incidents seem so unpredictable that it’s hard to believe that anything can be done to prevent them. Yet, that is exactly what OSHA […]