EHS On Tap E193: Supplier Engagement and Communications Around ESG

On episode 193 of EHS On Tap, Katie Martin, Director of Sustainability at Avetta, talks about supplier engagement and communications around ESG. This episode is sponsored by Avetta.

Blending experience in business development, product management, and client advisory, Martin brings over 15 years of experience leading businesses through ESG and sustainability transformations. She has designed, implemented, and assessed ESG and Sustainability programs for both Fortune 500s and startups at scale across a variety of sectors including mobility, manufacturing, waste management, consumer goods, and green tech.

In 2018, Martin launched the global Social Impact practice area at Boston Consulting Group’s digital ventures arm, developing and applying ESG methodology to expand business’ sustainability capabilities and data management. She also drafted and implemented BCG’s green strategic roadmap, facilitating service design through core offerings, product design, strategic partnerships, and internal programming.

Because upwards of 90% of ESG and sustainability impact occurs in supply chains, Martin joined leading global supply chain risk management firm, Avetta, in 2022. As the ESG & Sustainability leader at Avetta, she architects solutions to address ESG leaders’ organizational goals across their supply chain (e.g. Scope 3, social risks), leveraging Avetta’s best in class platform to deliver transformative results and support supplier ESG compliance growth. Martin also leads the full lifecycle management for Avetta’s ESG product and sales strategy.