EHS On Tap E205: Focusing on Sustainability and Chemical Management

On episode 205 of EHS On Tap, Jerome Marinkovic of Chemwatch talks about the need for sustainability in chemical management. This episode is sponsored by Chemwatch.

Jerome Marinkovic is a solution designer and communicator specializing in enhancing sustainability, efficiency, and compliance across value chains. With over 15 years of experience in digitalization and business strategy, he has held several leadership roles at the intersection of technology and sustainability. His expertise includes developing and implementing innovative solutions that drive sustainable practices and improve operational efficiencies within organizations.

At Chemwatch, a global leader in chemical management and safety solutions, Marinkovic leads initiatives to integrate sustainable practices into the company’s offerings. Chemwatch provide state-of-the-art tools and services for the management of chemicals, focusing on compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility. His role involves leveraging advanced technologies to create solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements, but also promote a more sustainable and efficient approach to chemical management.