EHS on Tap: E41 The Art of Training Engagement: Black Belt Insights from the Safety Training Ninja

We’re very excited about the EHS Daily Advisor’s upcoming 2019 Safety Summit, and we hope you are, too! Our latest annual event promises a wide variety of topics and speakers covering all safety aspects from compliance to culture, and among the issues we’ll be covering is one that is a constant concern for EHS professionals no matter their industry or company size: effective, engaging safety training. In a preview of what to expect, we’re talking today with an expert safety trainer—she’s knows as the Safety Training Ninja, in fact—about how to approach the common challenges associated with boosting and maintaining employee engagement with safety training.

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Joining us today on EHS on Tap is Regina McMichael, president of the Learning Factory and a world-renowned speaker with 28 years of experience as a safety expert. In addition to leading a preconference session at Safety Summit entitled How to be a Safety Training Ninja, Regina will also be delivering the conference’s opening keynote, The Wife Left Behind: The Making of a Safety Professional, which will describe how her journey in safety began when her husband fell to his death while employed as a roofer. Regina’s work as a speaker and trainer today shows safety professionals how to transform safety from a dry, boring compliance issue, into a living, breathing, vitally important human issue that can save lives. In today’s podcast, she’ll be talking with us about how this shift in perspective can help make safety training more engaging for employees.

You can read the transcript of this episode in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Regina McMichaelRegina McMichael’s safety career began at the age of 20 when she found herself planning a funeral for her husband after he died falling off a roof while working on a job site. Following her husband’s untimely death, Ms. McMichael dedicated her time to investigating the incident and took part in writing the OSHA fall protection guidelines that could have saved her husband. Today, she’s a world-renowned inspirational safety speaker and trainer whose energy, humor, and engaging style helps motivate others find their passion for safety. Her trainings and keynote speeches drive home the point that when we create a vibrant safety culture, we are creating a happier, healthier, and more profitable organization.

Regina will be presenting a preconference session, “How to be a Safety Training Ninja,” as well as the opening keynote, “The Wife Left Behind: The Making of a Safety Professional,” at BLR’s upcoming 2019 Safety Summit, taking place April 8 through 10 in Austin, Texas. Register Now!


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