EHS on Tap: E48 The Evolution of Head Protection

Head protection, hard hats

In our latest episode, we’re talking about a form of personal protective equipment that is almost synonymous with safety itself: Head protection! Head injuries are incredibly serious, so it makes sense that the hard hat has become the PPE that is particularly emblematic of safety. However, other than a few fit tests or maybe the color occasionally changing from yellow to white, blue, or orange, some may think that there’s little to be changed or improved upon with traditional hard hats—but they would be wrong! Head protection is evolving to be more effective, comfortable, and easy to use, and new solutions are helping to protect the workforce better than ever before. In today’s EHS on Tap episode, sponsored by Ergodyne®, we’re taking a special look at head protection with a couple of experts who are on the cutting edge of the evolution of this important form of PPE.

Joining us today on the podcast are Chris Cota and Aaron Skemp from Ergodyne.

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Chris Cota is Product Manager for Ergodyne, and he took the reins of Ergodyne’s Protection pillar in 2018, helping lead the development of the safety work gear manufacturer’s head and eye protection, supports, knee & hand protection, and hi-vis apparel. Working alongside Chris is Ergodyne Product Specialist Aaron Skemp, and both Chris and Aaron spend countless hours in the field analyzing jobsite safety risks and partnering closely with safety managers and work crews in developing and testing safety work gear solutions that not only mitigate risk, but encourage compliance through thoughtful and stylishly designed PPE that workers actually want to wear—a hallmark of Ergodyne’s line of Tenacious Work Gear™.


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