EHS on Tap: E61 EHS on Tap Powers Up Safety Culture Week with the Safety Justice League!

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Today we’re kicking off the EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Culture Week with a brand new episode of EHS on Tap that promises to both inform and entertain. We’re very excited to be joined by the Safety Justice League, a group of self-proclaimed safety nerds—Abby Ferri, Jason Lucas, and Jason Maldonado—who are constantly on the lookout for safety superheroes. This intrepid league of professionals are speakers, authors, and fellow podcasters with a combined half-century of experience in the safety field. In addition to today’s podcast they will also be joining us for a panel discussion at our next EHS Now event on November 11, 2020. Register here today!

If you would prefer to read a transcript of today’s episode, you can find it here.

alt link text Abby Ferri, CSP, is a practical, creative, and influential safety and risk management consultant, podcaster, and author. She leverages social media, voice, and the latest technology to advocate for worker safety and equity. Her years in construction prepared her for any industry, and her innovative approach has impacted thousands of workers, students, and safety peers worldwide. Learn more about Abby at
alt link text Jason Lucas is a dynamic speaker, content creator, and author. Gifted with the ability to make safety simple, he uses it to provide short safety lessons in #socialmediasafetyminute content and a podcast on Safety Justice League.
alt link text Jason Maldonado is a skilled communicator and safety professional with extensive experience leading and developing health and safety management systems in various industries, including food manufacturing, electric utilities, construction, pipeline operations, and chemical munition demilitarization. Through his website and his collaborations with SJL, he has found a passion for teaching other professionals how to look at and listen to safety in new and unexpected ways in order to improve conditions in the workplace.


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