EHS On Tap Live: E182 Integrating Technology for Workplace Safety, Sustainability, and Risk Mitigation

On episode 182 of EHS On Tap, Langdon Dement, Global EHS Specialist at Evotix, and Catryna Jackson, Sustainability and Environmental Programs Leader for Evotix, talk about using technology for sustainability and risk mitigation. This episode is sponsored by Evotix and was recorded live as part of EHS Daily Advisor’s Technology NOW online summit on November 8.

Evotix is a global EHS software company transforming the way employees and contractors engage in workplace health and safety. Evotix’s intuitive, mobile-first application, fosters worker participation, guiding frontline activities while capturing rich data to help prioritize safety and operational improvements and ensure compliance.

Langdon Dement is a Global EHS Advisor at Evotix. He specializes in general health and safety, change management with leadership, and ergonomics. while working in a plethora of industry segments. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Associate Ergonomics Professional (AEP), and an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for general industry. He earned a B.S. degree in Biology from Harding University as well as a post-graduate degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Murray State University.

Catryna Jackson is an EHS and sustainability specialist at Evotix, where she is responsible for pairing the right EHS product to clients’ needs and pain points, and guiding them through design, implementation, testing, and more. Jackson has extensive experience in environmental compliance, pollution prevention, health and safety.