EHS on Tap Episode 13: A Safety Voyage to the Animal Kingdom

On this episode of EHS on Tap, we head straight into the seemingly complex world of animals and how species have evolved to alert their own kind of lurking dangers and how safety managers can adopt similar situational awareness strategies to protect employees from the obvious but often overlooked hazards in the workplace.

Legal editor Emily Remmel speaks with Alden Davis about the situational awareness of animals in their natural environments as compared to humans in the everyday work environment. Davis is the founder of, a consulting practice that leads institutional change within businesses and social systems. He has over 30 years of experience in project management for United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney Aerospace in Connecticut and is well known as a specialist in regenerating institutions.

EHS on Tap is an environmental, health, and safety podcast by BLR. On each episode of EHS on Tap, host Emily Remmel will discuss emerging legal, regulatory, and policy issues with industry experts and examine the impacts on everyday environmental and safety professionals. EHS on Tap runs the gamut of contemporary environmental issues including water, air, and waste, as well as a wide variety of safety issues.

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You can watch the 10-minute tutorial of Alden Davis’ Safe-ari voyage here. When prompted use the phrase “riskfree” to gain access.

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