EHS on Tap Episode 17: What’s Next for OSHA’s Controversial Silica Rule?

OSHA announced its silica final rule last spring and it immediately received criticism from industry groups. These groups call the standard unobtainable and very costly, and claim that the rule isn’t really necessary to improve worker safety.

But is the rule too costly? Is the standard impossible to meet with current technology? On this episode, What’s Next for OSHA’s Controversial Silica Rule?, we speak with Adele Abrams, president of the Law Offices of Adele L. Abrams P.C., about OSHA’s new silica rule, its potential costs, and the its future in the new Administration, as well as about whether the rule is overly or insufficiently protective. Adele will be presenting at BLR’s 2017 Safety Summit in Austin, Texas, this April.

EHS on Tap is an environmental, health, and safety podcast by BLR. On each episode of EHS on Tap, our host will discuss emerging legal, regulatory, and policy issues with industry experts and the impacts to everyday environmental and safety professionals. EHS on Tap runs the gamut of contemporary environmental issues including water, air, and waste as well as covers a wide variety of safety issues.

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