EHS on Tap: E37 Now Hear This—Hearing Conservation Beyond PPE

Worker with protective headphones

It’s one of the most instantly recognizable hazards when you step onto many worksites—noise. A lot of us tend to think, well, just use some PPE, and that’s that. However, there’s much more to a hearing conservation program than meets the eye, or, shall we say, meets the ear. What are some of the things you may be overlooking in your hearing conservation efforts, from hidden risks to the value of audiometric testing? Well, let’s listen up—today we’re talking with Alexa Gough from SHOEBOX Audiometry, who has some great ideas for our listeners.

Alexa GoughAlexa Gough is the Occupational Hearing Conservation Business Unit Manager at SHOEBOX Audiometry. In this role, she works with some of the most forward-thinking manufacturers and onsite or near-site occupational healthcare providers in North America. She has a passion for partnering with them to find innovative ways of improving the way they deliver audiometric testing as part of a hearing conservation program, all while helping them achieve their overall business objectives.

Please feel free to connect with her on Linkedin or reach her via email at if you have any questions about your Occupational Hearing Conservation Program.


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