EHS on Tap Episode 7: Navigating the Proposed Pharmaceutical Rule

On this episode of EHS on Tap, we plunge into EPA’s proposed Pharmaceutical Rule and what this rule will mean for the overall health of our freshwater resources as well as the consequences to health care facilities.

On this podcast, we speak with environmental attorney and legal expert, Summer Nastich with Nastich Law in Berkeley, California. Ms. Nastich has a broad expertise in CERCLA, RCRA, and the Clean Water Act and other state and federal environmental statutes. She also has Bachelor’s degrees in biology, oceanography, and zoology, and a Master’s degree in environmental engineering.

EHS on Tap is an environmental, health, and safety podcast by BLR. On each episode of EHS on Tap, host, Emily Remmel will discuss emerging legal, regulatory, and policy issues with industry experts and the impacts to everyday environmental and safety professionals. EHS on Tap runs the gamut of contemporary environmental issues including water, air, and waste as well as covers a wide variety of safety issues.

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