What Ergonomics Means to Ergodyne


From the Ergodyne Tenacious Blog:

Since 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has designated October as National Ergonomics Month to raise occupational ergonomic awareness. Given our company’s ergonomic underpinnings, this month is particularly important to us.

Back injuries were – and still are – a big issue. Nearly four out of every five people will experience back pain in their lives. Sometimes, that pain resolves itself in about two weeks … but often it doesn’t.

Back in 1983, my father, an occupational health doctor who worked with many companies and knew their workers were getting injured, decided to do something about it. His pioneering work turned into a business he named “Comp Equipment” – with a focus on backs (still the top U.S. workplace injury in terms of cost and lost work days) and on nurses in particular, since they have the highest incidence of back injuries.

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