Intelex drives corporate environmental, health and safety success

Intelex drives corporate environmental, health and safety success

  • Launches innovative, research-based blueprint approach connecting challenges with solutions
  • Includes global maturity level framework to power proactive improvements for organizations

Toronto, Canada – [June 14, 2023] – Intelex, a global provider of environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) management software, has today released its blueprint for environmental, health and safety success.

The product-focused framework is designed to help organizations across a wide range of sectors understand and develop the maturity of their health and safety (H&S) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs with practical solutions to meet the increasing challenges of a dynamic global market.

From Intelex’s recent research, 86% of businesses admit that they could lose skilled workers to better performing organizations if they fail to improve their health and safety culture. Additionally, around 75% of respondents said that if they were not to improve ESG performance, it would harm their organizations’ brands and reputations. The research also found that businesses are looking to evolve but are facing some significant barriers with over half (56%) of professionals finding it difficult to extract meaningful data after an incident has occurred.

In response, Intelex has launched its blueprint for businesses to evaluate the progress of their current H&S and ESG initiatives. The framework then enables organizations to proactively advance these approaches by identifying specialist product solutions that can be applied to combat the identified challenges being faced. The blueprint aims to help them increase their future maturity, aligned with wider business objectives, good corporate governance and growing regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the framework, Intelex’s Tom McConnon, Vice President of Product Marketing, said:

“It has never been more important to ensure businesses are making progress on delivering improved H&S and ESG outcomes and we know from speaking to business leaders worldwide that a high level of maturity in how H&S and ESG is approached can be a key competitive differentiator.

“To ensure the betterment of maturity, organizations need to move from traditional reactive approaches to more proactive programs to help deliver a step-change in how to keep their people safe and protect the planet from harm while complying with evermore rigorous red tape.

Five key actions to success

Recognizing that different organizations will be at different levels of maturity – and that these are even likely to differ internally, across their respective H&S and ESG operations – Intelex has focused its recommended improvement process on five key areas to help create actionable steps to evolve maturity over time:

  • Identify the key challenges a business faces to include capturing data on incidents and events, gaining access to required data and pinpointing regulatory non-compliance.
  • Explore the root causes and contributing factors to include being able to analyze and put data into context, investigating and tracking key workflows and fostering a culture of information sharing.
  • Target key interventions to include the ability to prioritize efforts and move from reactive to proactive activities, developing comprehensive program processes and driving employee engagement.
  • Measure the impact of efforts to include determining success metrics, harnessing lagging and leading indicators and evaluating return-on-investment (ROI).
  • Evolve and improve approach over time to include capturing key learnings, monitoring changing compliance regulations and continuously improving the approach.

Four levels of maturity

In support of the framework and to help benchmark performance, Intelex has identified four distinct maturity levels: Leaders, Adopters, Followers and Laggards. With each group facing different challenges to evolving their operations, Intelex uses these levels to pinpoint where organizations should direct their efforts and supports this with clear links to those products that will address their specific challenges.

Tom concluded:

“Success in both H&S and ESG has a direct line to business performance with those organizations driving more effective programs realizing key benefits including healthier, safer, and more productive workers; regulatory compliance; and the ability to make more informed decisions about current and future activities.

“We appreciate that making good progress across multiple areas can be complex. It can be difficult accessing the data you need, getting people on board is an ongoing challenge and measuring results can be hard. However, the good news is that whatever the maturity of your operations, it is possible to make significant improvements. With the right data, the right systems, and the right focus in place, you can improve across the board – quickly and effectively.

“With Intelex’s newly launched framework, we continue our pledge to support our customers in achieving improved maturity levels across their H&S and ESG programs. The framework not only shares a pathway to improvement but outlines actionable steps they can take to move things forward. No matter what level you are at or the current challenges you face, we are confident that we have a solution in place to achieve a more mature and proactive approach to your H&S and ESG programs that will drive better outcomes for your business.”

Virgin Atlantic – showcasing H&S success

Intelex’s software solutions has been instrumental for over 1,400 global customers in achieving long-term organizational improvements. These leading names include Virgin Atlantic, which has been using Intelex solutions since 2008 to achieve its safety management goals. The airline needed a system that gave it and its leadership teams the right visibility into different parts of the business – since optimizing the Intelex software to fit its needs, Virgin Atlantic has seen user adoption increase by 70% with more managerial involvement and ownership around H&S being achieved due to new processes.

Intelex’s digital solutions with mobile applications make every frontline worker a stakeholder in safety culture. These solutions help to empower front-line workers and equip EHS managers with better decision making to evolve their EHS strategies.

Find out more about Intelex’s framework on driving proactive improvements across organizations by visiting: To identify which maturity level group a business sits, take the survey at If you are interested in taking the next steps in EHS and ESG reporting contact .

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About Intelex:

Intelex is a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) management software. Since 1992, Intelex employees across the globe have been committed to innovating and enabling organizations to send their employees home safely every day, leaving behind a more sustainable world to the generations that follow, and manage quality so that only the safest and highest quality products make it to the market.

Intelex’s scalable, web-based platform and applications have helped clients across all industries improve business performance, mitigate organization-wide risk, and ensure sustained compliance with internationally accepted standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) and regulatory requirements. Over 1,400 customers in 195 countries trust Intelex to power their EHSQ initiatives.Headquartered in Toronto with regional offices and employees around the world, Intelex became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive in 2019. In 2020, Intelex acquired ehsAI, provider of a SaaS-based next-wave compliance automation solution that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.