Magid and CarbonX Partner to Co-Brand Line of FR Garments Introducing Magid® FR by CarbonX®

ROMEOVILLE, Ill. (November 16, 2022) – National PPE manufacturer and distributor Magid has
partnered with flame-resistant (FR) PPE and apparel company CarbonX to co-brand a line of FR garments
that they’re calling Magid® FR by CarbonX®.

“CarbonX garments set the industry standard for lightweight, comfortable, inherently flame-resistant
base layer protection, and we’re excited to build on these features in a Magid-made garment,” said
Craig Howell, Director of Sales Clothing at Magid.

Ideal for protecting against molten metal hazards, Magid FR by CarbonX garments can withstand direct
flame up to 20 times longer than competing FR garments without melting, igniting, or burning.
Furthermore, thermal protective properties won’t wash out or wear away.

Additionally, Howell said, “Magid FR by CarbonX is lightweight and even has moisture-wicking options so
professionals working in hot and dangerous conditions where safety matters most no longer have to
sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to FR apparel.”

The Magid FR by CarbonX apparel line will protect against heat, flame, molten metal splash, arc flash
hazards, and will be available in a variety of styles which include the Balaclava (CXH31), 7.7oz Shirt
(CX54), 6 oz. Shirt (CX06), and 6 oz. Pants (CX16).

View all of Magid’s heat and flame-resistant clothing here, or learn more about CarbonX by clicking

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