Origami Risk Expands Online Environmental and Chemical Safety and Compliance Tools for EHS Professionals

New EHS Tools Help Drive Accuracy, Efficiency; Streamline Administration

CHICAGO, February 14, 2023 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced the expansion of online environmental and chemical offerings to help environmental, health and safety (EHS) leaders remain compliant with evolving regulations, reinforce safety and reduce hazards.

The new offerings build on Origami’s growing EHS suite of integrated web-based and mobile solutions, which promote efficiency through automated workflows and streamlined administration while helping ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

“Along with ongoing imperatives to maintain or enhance safety, reduce risks, drive efficiency, support productivity, and achieve operational excellence, EHS professionals face an evolving and increasingly complex regulatory framework — especially with regard to environmental and chemical management,” said Sean Salvas, senior market strategy lead-EHS at Origami Risk. “In collaboration with our EHS clients, we have developed a variety of tools that enable EHS professionals to facilitate environmental and chemical safety and manage compliance with greater precision, speed, efficiency and transparency.”

Specifically, Origami’s chemical and environmental tools support EHS professionals in the following areas:

Environmental permits. Centralized digital management of environmental permits enable EHS teams to ensure environmental regulatory compliance, avoid shutdowns, fines, and reputational damage. Along with managing all permits from a single system, EHS leaders can receive notifications of permit expiration and renewal dates, assign tasks to different staff based on required permit activities, and link to specific regulations, locations, and assets.

– Compliance tasking and calendar. This feature reduces administrative burden by facilitating centralized electronic tracking of environmental compliance actions and tasks related to air, water, and waste permits, stormwater activities, or hazardous waste management.

– Environmental assessments. EHS teams can leverage content from eight standard environmental assessments, including stormwater, air quality, wastewater, and hazardous waste — or build their own.

– Regulatory resources. EHS professionals can compile their own legal register that provides a single electronic repository for relevant regulations. Through Origami’s relationship with STP ComplianceEHS, users can also gain access to regulatory content for audits and inspections across more than 100 jurisdictions (including all 50 states) based on predefined criteria.

– Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management. EHS teams can manage safety data sheet documentation electronically and in a central database (store, upload, review, approve SDSs), which can be readily accessed by EHS team members from anywhere.

– Chemical profiles. EHS teams can capture key chemical and ingredient information to provide extensive documentation on chemicals with retrieval based on multiple search criteria. Documents (such as SDS) can be linked to the chemical record.

– Chemical inventory and transactions. Chemical usage data can be tracked across multiple locations or facilities and maintained in a single database to meet regulatory chemical reporting requirements.

Origami’s environmental and chemical offerings build on the firm’s extensive suite of digital EHS solutions available on a highly configurable, fully integrated web and mobile platform. Functionality includes safety management, analytics, PSM (process safety management), and occupational health. Access more information on Origami’s EHS suite at https://www.origamirisk.com/products/environment-health-safety.

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