Origami Risk Launches Digital Solution for Employee Health Information

Solution Streamlines Tracking of Multiple Workplace-related Health Data Elements For Efficient Compliance, Record-keeping, Safety and Security

CHICAGO, February 28, 2023 – Origami Risk, the leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced the launch of a new employee health information solution for centralizing and managing vaccination details, drug and alcohol screening results, and other records related to pre-hire, ongoing screenings, or post-exposure health assessments required by employers.

The new capabilities, which can be readily integrated with an employer’s existing HRIS, build on the technology firm’s single-platform risk management information system (RMIS); healthcare risk management; environmental, health, and safety (EHS) solutions and popular prior-generation COVID-19 solution suite, which gained widespread industry recognition.

“For many employers, tracking COVID-19 vaccination status and related documentation exacerbated the numerous challenges of managing employee health data using spreadsheets, paper forms, or multiple software systems, including record retrieval, reporting, compliance and security issues,” said Jaime Henry, vice president of Product at Origami Risk. “The Employee Health solution helps address these issues and more by providing a single, accurate and secure source for reporting on this information, as well as features to reduce the administrative burdens of managing issues that directly impact employees’ wellbeing and community safety.”

Leveraging the Origami Risk platform’s online portal functionality, configurable screens and dashboards, automated workflow engine, and integrated reporting, the solution supports risk management, employee health, safety professionals, and others responsible for ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements for participant (i.e., employee, candidate, contractor, volunteer) health and safety. Specifically, the Employee Health solution gives organizations the ability to:

– Assign, collect and document the results of required screenings and tests, including drug and alcohol testing, hearing and vision assessments, respirator fit testing, tuberculosis (TB) testing, and post-injury or post-exposure medical evaluations.

– Track employee vaccinations, including documentation of completion (e.g., influenza, hepatitis B) and COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, and waivers.

– Automate testing and exposure-management logistics (e.g., notifications, reminders).

– Search, find and view employees’ testing, screening, or vaccination records and attached documents.

– Monitor testing, screening, and vaccination metrics, such as rate of compliance.

For more information on the various features available as part of the Origami Risk Employee Health solution, visit: https://www.origamirisk.com/products/employee-health. To access a related webinar, visit: https://bit.ly/3kmJqgW.

About Origami Risk

Origami Risk provides truly integrated SaaS solutions that simplify risk, insurance, compliance, and safety management. Origami delivers its highly configurable RMIS, GRC, EHS, and healthcare risk management solutions from a secure, scalable platform that includes tools for centralizing data, automating critical workflows, and providing insights into risk and safety initiatives. A singular focus on client success underlies Origami’s approach to developing, implementing, and supporting their innovative, award-winning software. Visit origamirisk.com or contact us at info@origamirisk.com to learn more.