Origami Risk Launches New Mobile App for Risk and Safety Professionals

New Solution Helps Engage Operations and Reinforce Safety Culture by Streamlining Safety Inspections, Audits, Incident Reporting and Analytics, Corrective Actions

Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, this month announced the launch of a new mobile application with enhanced user experience to support the environmental, health and safety (EHS) and risk management functions.

The new app, Origami Mobile, empowers safety and risk professionals, employees, and contractors to quickly conduct audits and inspections; make observations; and report incidents from anywhere in the field via mobile phone or tablet – even when Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity is unavailable. Used in conjunction with Origami’s integrated platform for risk, safety, and compliance, the new app helps risk and safety professionals drive visibility into their data and initiatives through a single, centralized system.

“As risk and EHS professionals look to be both more proactive and efficient in their efforts to drive safety, reduce risks, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence, new technology-driven solutions are helping them raise the bar on their performance and results,” said Sean Salvas, senior market strategy lead-EHS at Origami Risk. “Working closely with our risk and safety clients, we designed the new mobile app to give those professionals an easy way to engage operations in the safety process, share in the success, and strengthen the safety culture across the enterprise.”

“Mobile applications are an essential technology adopted by the vast majority of EHS leaders, with real-time data and offline functionality key to proactively identifying risks and hazards before incidents occur and ultimately sending workers home safe,” noted Bill Pennington, VP of Research, EHS and Risk Management at Verdantix, “Origami Risk continues to solidify its role in the EHS marketplace as an innovator with the introduction of its next generation mobile app with modern performance and consumer-like navigation, filtering, and searching capabilities.”

Origami Mobile enables risk and safety team members, operations managers, supervisors, and other users to perform multiple safety-related tasks, including:

–  Complete standard checklists based on best practices or forms designed by risk and safety team members for specific departments, functions, operations or locations.

–  Detect and report workplace and operational hazards and behavior trends, including photo uploads to illustrate issues.

–  Trigger the development of corrective actions and monitor their effectiveness.

–   Gather real-time incident and near-miss data from specific operations or worksites, enabling risk and safety teams to instantaneously assess risk and hazards.

–   Leverage data to create opportunities for early intervention and quicker resolution, preventing injuries and claims before they occur.

–   Identify, report, and analyze safe/unsafe employee behaviors and conditions.

–   Provide timely coaching to encourage and reinforce safe behaviors.

Among its many features, the app includes offline capabilities that enable remote workers with limited internet access to input data offline and submit it when Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity becomes available. An autofill capability instantly matches employee and location data, streamlining the reporting process and eliminating the need for manual and repetitive data entry. Furthermore, with voice-to-text functionality, the app can be operated hands-free, promoting active note taking and reporting.

All input from the mobile app is automatically captured in a single web-based repository, giving risk and safety team members ready access to incident and claims data, dashboards, checklists and metrics, while facilitating easy reporting and analytics.

Origami Mobile builds on the firm’s extensive suite of solutions available on a highly configurable, fully integrated platform. Access more information on Origami Mobile at origamirisk.com/mobile.

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