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Thinking of Requiring COVID-19 Shots? What Employers Need to Know

The list of employers and government agencies requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is growing, and such requirements are generally legal under federal law. But employers need to be clear about when exceptions must be made and how state laws can add a wrinkle to their vaccination policies. Major employers across the country have […]

Carpal tunnel

How to Build Your Light-Duty and Return-to-Work Programs

If any of your employees are away from work following a workplace injury, you want them back on the job as soon as possible. Returning an employee to work following an injury benefits both the employee and employer. The employee can regain a sense of normalcy and financial and job security, while the employer can […]

How Does Hearing Loss Impact Employee Safety?

Affecting about 48 million people in the United States, hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities among American workers. The effects of hearing loss on the workforce can be far-reaching, resulting in lost productivity, lower wages, and increased safety risks.

Healthy Solutions for What Ails Your Wellness Program

Wellness programs are proliferating under the Affordable Care Act, which increased the available incentive and penalty options for employers. And, they look like a win-win—workers win, because the company funds the initiative that improves their health status. Employers win, because healthier employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to suffer injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, […]

It May Be Legal, but Is It Safe? Marijuana at Work

At this moment, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, and Washington and Colorado have famously legalized the plant for recreational use, too. Alaska and Oregon will become the next states where recreational marijuana is legal after voters approved cannabis ballot measures set to become effective in 2015. Under […]

Ebola. What can employers do?

With cases of Ebola happening in the United States and leading the news, employers may be wondering what they can do to prevent the disease in their workplaces. The federal government and some states are issuing guidance to help reduce the chances of transmission of infectious diseases, such as Ebola, from affecting their workers.

Addressing a Request for Reasonable Accommodation?

It’s important to handle requests for reasonable accommodation under ADA the right way. Find out more. An individual’s request for an accommodation does not necessarily mean that the employer is required to provide the accommodation. Instead, a request for reasonable accommodation is the first step in an informal, interactive process between the individual and the […]

Reasonable Accommodation: What Does the ADA Require?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers provide reasonable accommodation for the known disability of a qualified individual, unless to do so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business Reasonable accommodation is any change or adjustment to a job or work environment that permits a qualified applicant or employee […]