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The Importance of Managing Workflows for Company Safety

Following the events of 2020, the working landscape has changed for many companies with remote working and hybrid shift patterns becoming more normal than ever. With companies adopting these flexible working arrangements and also adapting their premises and operations around them, we must maintain a close eye on safety. From the pressures of working extra […]

Back to Basics: Increasing Productivity with EHS Automation

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we examine automation, the use of automation in EHS reporting, and how it can increase the productivity of the workforce.   New technologies are constantly being invented and distributed to consumers, including versions of […]

How to Automate Your EHS Compliance Program

When it comes to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance, there’s a lot of moving parts to consider. You can try to tackle them all yourself, or you can take advantage of technology to automate some of the key components. Doing so will allow you to save time, increase productivity, and allow your team to […]

Safety 2018: Enhancing Safety Culture with Automation and AI

On the second day of the American Society of Safety Professionals’ (ASSP) Safety 2018 Conference and Exposition held in San Antonio, Texas, self-described futurist Mike Walsh, author of The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas, energized the crowd of attendees by advocating an approach to safety and leadership that embraces automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning […]