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3 Best Practices to Reduce Stormwater Runoff at Construction Sites

Construction sites aren’t known for their cleanliness. From heavy machinery to fine particulate, construction generates plenty of contamination. When combined with rainfall, those pollutants wash away and cause adverse effects downstream. This is a significant contributor to the destructive properties of stormwater runoff. As impervious surfaces increase, there exists less and less natural ground for […]

Communication: Tips for (Construction Stormwater) Compliance

At the most recent 2016 StormCon conference, thousands of stormwater enthusiasts infiltrated the city of Indianapolis eager to learn the tricks of the trade. Stormwater professionals from construction, industry, and municipalities all sought information on how to better their respective stormwater programs and to teach others the hard lessons learned.

Six Best Management Practices for Storing Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is ammonia gas—the anhydrous part means “without water.” It is colorless, but has a very pungent smell. It can be irritating at lower levels, but very damaging at higher levels. Exposure to anhydrous ammonia between 5 and 50 parts per million (ppm) can cause headaches, loss of the sense of smell, nausea, and […]

Build a Rain Garden into Your SWPPP (con’t)

Advisor: What is the average life span of a properly maintained rain garden? RT: Don’t know yet. They haven’t been used long enough in this manner to know when they are done. Research indicates that they do better as they get older. As the biota [Advisor Note:  animal and plants of a particular region] in […]

4 Points to Consider About Using Reclaimed Water

There are many points to consider when deciding whether to use recycled water for your facility operations. These include: The cost of water Quality constraints when reusing on-site wastewater Growing recognition of the value of reclaimed water Community and employee outreach  Join us on Tuesday, March 3, for a webinar that will help you decide […]

10 Things to Know about the Proposed Dental Amalgam Rule—Part 2

10 Things to Know about the Proposed Dental Amalgam Rule—Part 2 6. New Category—Dental Industrial Users. When the EPA promulgates categorical industrial pretreatment standards, the affected dischargers are called, in general, “Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs).” For the proposed new rule, the EPA is establishing a new CIU tailored to the dental offices covered, which is […]

UST Best Management Practices: Leak Detection

You can detect a leak from any portion of the tank or the connected underground piping that routinely contains petroleum Your leak detection is installed, calibrated, operated, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, including routine maintenance and service checks for operability or running condition; and Your leak detection meets the performance requirements described […]

Emerging Treatment Stormwater Best Management Practices for Roadways

1. Ecology embankment. Also known as bioslopes, ecology embankments are modified filter strips that contain a soil mix to improve water quality, reduce runoff volume, and reduce erosion frequency. They are easily incorporated into standard fill slopes, are well proven and field tested, are nonproprietary, and largely last the life of the roadway. 2. Permeable […]