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Workers' compensation

Tips for Managing Workers’ Comp to Boost Safety Performance

You worry about your workers’ compensation insurance premiums and the claims activity on your policy. You have concerns about the recordable injuries you must add to your injury and illness logs. Will your premiums go up? Will you be targeted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or state agency for an on-site inspection? […]

Return on Investment (ROI) of Safety Culture

The ROI of Safety Culture

In autumn 1987, Paul O’Neill gave his first speech to investors as CEO of Alcoa, an aluminum manufacturing company that was a behemoth in its industry but also struggling. O’Neill said his primary focus would be on worker safety over profits—so much so that he was striving for a goal of “zero injuries.” Everyone thought […]

The Business Case for Water Conservation

We have all seen water waste—sprinklers running during a rainstorm, dripping restroom faucets, and toilets that won’t stopping running—and think, “Boy, I’d hate to have to pay that water bill.” But more and more, business and industry are facing the fact that harnessing and controlling water usage is a line item that can no longer […]