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Developing a Risk-Based Matrix for Your EMS

To become ISO 14001-certified, you must identify the environmental aspects of your facility’s activities, products, and services within the defined scope of the EMS. Determine those that you can control and those that you can influence, taking into account planned or new developments or new or modified activities, products, and services. Then, you must determine […]

What Type of EMS Is Best for Your Facility?

So, you have decided it is a good idea to develop an EMS—but where to begin? Let’s take a look at why an EMS might be helpful. and some different types of EMSs to help you with your choice. How can an EMS be helpful? At the most basic level, an EMS can help you […]

Three Clarifications in OSHA’s New Confined Space Rule for Construction

OSHA first proposed a confined spaces rule for the construction industry in 1980—but only finalized its confined spaces in construction rule on May 1, 2015. In the interim, OSHA issued a rule covering confined space entry in general industry (1993) and the shipyard industry (1994). But the new confined space in construction rule does not […]

Should You Spend the Time and Money to Develop an Environmental Management System?

An “EMS” is a framework that helps you achieve your organization’s environmental goals through consistent control of operations. The assumption is that this increased control will improve your organization’s environmental performance. The EMS itself does not dictate a level of environmental performance that must be achieved; each company’s EMS is tailored to the company’s business […]

EMS for Higher Ed—Common Compliance Deficiencies

EMS for Higher Ed—Common Compliance Deficiencies The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was passed in 1976 with the goal of regulating the handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. RCRA was strengthened and amended in 1984 and has become the backbone of the national strategy to safely manage hazardous and non-non-hazardous wastes, conserve resources, and […]

EMS for Higher Ed—5 Tips for Success

EMS for Higher Ed—5 Tips for Success Tip #1 — Reconnect with top administrators to ensure ongoing commitment and support. Administrators come and go so it is important to open communications with new staff, including presidents, chancellors, deans, and senior administrative and operations people. When communicating your EMS strategy, take the time to focus on […]

EMSs: Document Control and Record Management

EMS Document Control You have to keep all your EMS-related documents controlled and up to date. Here’s what’s required: All EMS documents must be carefully controlled and be easily accessible to persons who need them. They must be periodically reviewed, revised, and approved by management. Obsolete documents must be promptly removed. For example, there is […]