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EPA Study Reveals Tampering with Diesel Emissions Systems

The EPA’s Air Enforcement Division (AED) released a study revealing that as many as 500,000 diesel pickup trucks have had emissions controls removed within the last decade. Tampering with these emissions control devices is estimated to produce “more than 570,000 tons of excess oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and 5,000 tons of particulate matter (PM)” in […]

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EPA and Environmental Priorities in the Biden Era

President-Elect Joe Biden has claimed victory in the 2020 presidential election and declared “it is time for America to unite.” Based on many statements from Biden, it is apparent he will reverse many of the Trump administration’s environmental regulations, place higher tax rates on businesses and investments, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and commit to […]

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Avoid Common (and Costly) Hazardous Waste Violations

The EPA has assessed approximately $84 million in hazardous waste material violations in the last 5 years, according to the Agency’s ECHO database. Risk managers are tasked with understanding and ensuring compliance with numerous EPA regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in expensive penalties and, in some cases, prison time.

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An EPA Enforcement Roundup for Q2 2020

In the second quarter (Q2), the EPA finalized 165 settlement agreements with companies small and large across the United States. This represents a decrease in enforcement actions—down from 188 penalties issued in Q1 for 2020. The actions taken resulted in $3,482,842 in fines. Here are some of the highlights.