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GHS Review: Part 2

In yesterday’s GHS review, we talked about compliance guidelines, how GHS has changed HazCom, and GHS-compliant labeling requirements. Today, we review issues involving the SDS and employee training. Manufacturers, importers, or distributors must provide a safety data sheet (SDS) to their customers for each hazardous chemical at the time of the first shipment of the […]

GHS Review: Are You Moving Toward Compliance?

The deadline for training employees on the SDS and GHS labels was December 1, 2013, so you should already have done that. The next deadline is June 1, 2015, when chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors must comply with all the requirements of the GHS rule (e.g., hazard classification, SDS format). Then, by December 1, 2015, all […]

The Flammable Liquids Standard Defined

The purpose of today’s Advisor article is to discuss the requirements of the flammable liquids standard in general industry and to better understand how to avoid serious hazards. By Ana Ellington, BLR Legal Editor Flammable liquids are present in nearly every workplace. Gasoline, diesel fuel, and many common products like solvents, thinners, cleaners, adhesives, paints, […]

New GHS Deadlines Coming

The GHS changes to the HCS are being phased in beginning with the revisions to the HCS that were finalized last year (HazComm 2012) through June 2016. The following table shows the deadlines for compliance with the HCS: Effective Completion Date Requirement(s) Who December 1, 2013 Train employees on the new label elements and safety […]

What’s in Your HazCom Plan?

Does your written HazCom plan include all the information required by OSHA? Here’s a quick review of essential content. A hazard communication plan doesn’t have to be long or spell out your program in detail, but it must be well thought out, clear, and comprehensive. Your written HazCom plan is the first thing a compliance […]