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D.C. Circuit Rules Against Groups’ Challenge of 1980 PSD Reg

Sierra Club de Puerto Rico and other environmental groups could not persuade a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit that their challenge to a Clean Air Act (CAA) rule the EPA promulgated in 1980 was timely. According to the groups, that rule provided an illegal definition of any air pollutant […]

Webinar Wrap-Up: Tier II Reporting

By March 1, certain facilities will be required to submit hazardous chemical inventory reports, commonly referred to as Tier II reports. In a recent webinar, Tier II Reporting, Strategies for Meeting Compliance Obligations Ahead of the March 1, 2016, Reporting Deadline, speaker Lori Siegelman, CIH, CSP, CHMM, of W&M Environmental Group, LLC, discussed who is […]

Inspected in Poughkeepsie, Enforced in Peoria? OSHA Claims Authority to Enforce Abatement Across Multiple Facilities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has long had enforcement guidance in place enabling it to enter into settlements that affect the operations of an entire corporation, rather than just a single facility. But these were mutually negotiated agreements; they were not something OSHA considered itself statutorily empowered to impose and enforce. That may […]

Picture This! Visualization Techniques for Trainers

How can visualization help you prepare for—and increase your effectiveness in facilitating—classroom training? In today’s Advisor, we get valuable visualization techniques from an expert trainer. Even as a seasoned trainer and speaker, Eric Papp still uses visualization before training sessions and presentations. The night before a management seminar, for example, he gets permission to go […]

8 Award-Winning Safety Ideas

Impressive safety practices and a commitment to employee protection earned eight Indiana businesses 2014 Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards. Could one of their award-winning ideas work at your company? “These companies represent the best of the best,” said Indiana Department of Labor Commissioner Rick Ruble when presenting the state’s 2014 Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards. “They demonstrate […]

New Safety Signage Requirements Q & A

As the revised safety signage rules go into effect, you may have questions about how the changes will affect your workplace. Here are some Fads that can help. Today’s Q & A is presented courtesy of Clarion Safety Systems, LLC, the leading designer and manufacturer of visual safety solutions that help customers in more than […]