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Are You Prepared to Respond to a Chemical Release?

On November 15, 2014, workers at a pesticide plant in Texas were trying to restart the methomyl production line after a 5-day shutdown. They were having problems: A line was plugged and the building ventilation wasn’t working properly. Around 4 a.m., workers opened a drain valve in the vent system to release pressure, without realizing […]

Facing a Real Fire: Are Your Workers Prepared

In yesterday’s article, we looked at a few situations that can arise in a real fire that you might be overlooking in your fire safety training. Today, we’ll look at two more possibilities your employees need to be prepared to face, and what you can do to keep your fire safety preparation real.

Do Your Fire Drills Resemble Reality?

What did your last fire drill look and sound like? Was it a calm and quickly executed affair: The fire alarm sounded and everybody calmly walked out through their nearest exit and went to the assembly point? Congratulations: Your workers know how to get out of the building when there’s not actually a fire. During […]

Build a Better Retraining Program with These Three R’s

In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at three ways to make sure that your introductory training works for your workforce. But training is never a one-and-done proposition. Build a training program that continually reinforces your safety message with three more fundamental strategies.

Build Better Introductory Training Sessions Using These Three R’s

Do you sometimes feel like your training sessions have become a dog and pony show, requiring you to play the manic comedian in order to keep your trainees engaged and interested? Maybe you’re working too hard. Here’s what your workers really need from your training sessions. Workers don’t need you to put on a Broadway-quality […]

3 Steps for Developing a Stress-Reduction Program

Stressed workers can be a safety hazard. Here are three steps for reducing stress and the risk of stress-related accidents. According to a recent survey, 62 percent of employees report high levels of stress, leading to extreme fatigue and feeling out of control. Highly stressed workers are less likely to eat healthfully, exercise, and get […]