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Arm Yourself with the Facts About Hand Safety

Hand injuries can be especially traumatic, stripping away not only a worker’s ability to work, but also the ability to perform activities of daily living. Dr. Gregory A. Merrell is a surgeon at the Indiana Hand Center, the largest, free-standing hand surgery center in the country. The facility is also the nation’s leading training center […]

Help Workers Make the Connection Between Housekeeping and Their Health and Safety

Is your workplace a mess? If so, it’s time to get employees to clean up their act, for the sake of their safety and health. A messy workplace is more than just unsightly. It has the potential to create hazards, including: Fire! Paper garbage, wood shavings, combustible dusts, rags soaked with flammable chemicals—if not disposed […]

Engaging Employees in Safety Training

Yesterday, we talked with safety consultant Jeffrey Dennis about the best ways to prepare and deliver compelling safety training content. Today, Dennis will share some tips for engaging your audience. There’s certainly nothing funny about the consequences of a lockout/tagout failure or a hazardous spill. But if humor can help employees learn and use strategies […]

Safety Training That Sticks

Employee training is both an essential feature of any workplace safety program and a constant challenge for safety professionals. To find out more about effective safety training, BLR® talked with Jeffrey Dennis, a certified safety professional and president of Industrial Safety Solutions, Inc., a safety, environmental, and industrial hygiene consulting firm located in Birmingham, Alabama. […]

A Simple Approach to Computing Incident Rates and Severity

Computing accident incidence rates and severity can help analyze and correct conditions that cause accidents. A simple formula for calculating accident incidence (frequency) is to: Take the total number of recordable incidents for the year from your OSHA 300. Multiply that number by 200,000, which represents the number of hours worked by 100 full-time employees, […]

I2P2 Is on OSHA’s Radar—Is It on Yours?

OSHA, gearing up for a proposed rulemaking on I2P2, is presenting its case to employers and the public. "Injury and illness prevention programs (I2P2) are good for workers, good for business, and good for America." OSHA administrator David Michaels made this statement in support of a plan that would require employers to develop written safety […]

Have a Heart for Wellness Training

In last Friday’s Advisor, we looked at the growing problem of obesity in America and how wellness training can improve your employees’ health and your organization’s bottom line. Today we’ll focus on the related issue of heart attacks and how you can train employees to lower their risk. February is American Heart Month, the perfect […]

Hearing Loss: A Bigger Safety Problem Than You Might Think

According to NIOSH, 4 million workers go to work each day in damaging noise. Ten million people in the U.S. have a noise-related hearing loss. Twenty-two million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year. Because of these statistics, NIOSH recommends that all worker exposures to noise should be controlled below a level equivalent […]