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The Bar Has Been Raised for NYC Construction Training

The latest trend in safety for construction workers may have been established by a New York City (NYC) law signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in October 2017. Local Law 196 established new training requirements for employees at certain construction jobsites. The requirement—a minimum number of hours of training on specific safety subjects for workers […]

Private Lives, Workplace Problem: Preventing Domestic Violence at Work

When an intern for Liz Claiborne, Inc., the women’s clothing manufacturer headquartered in New York City, was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend, the company security department immediately intervened. She was provided with daily escorts to her train station, and she was told to call the company’s dispatch center each evening to confirm that she arrived […]

An Internship of Olympic Proportions!

Today’s Advisor reports on one journalism student’s internship at the recent Sochi Winter Olympics. It’s a great example of how internships—in any industry—can provide exciting and effective on-the-job training that helps prepare the next generation of your workforce.