OSHA Wants Your 2 cents on its Safety and Health Management Program Guidelines

OSHA has proposed updates to its voluntary Safety and Health Management Program (SHMP) guidelines, which were originally published in 1989. The Agency has invited public comment on the revisions—which could eventually form the basis for an OSHA standard—but only until February 15, so get your 2 cents in now. The revisions to the guidelines were […]

OSHA publishes draft revised safety program guidelines

OSHA recently released a draft updated version of its voluntary Safety and Health Program Management guidelines and is seeking public comment on the revisions. Keep reading to find out what’s new—and what it could mean for employers.

ISO Standards Environmental Professionals Should Know About

Note: Each ISO standard is part of a series of related documents. This article will give a brief review of the first standard in the series. The year noted with each standard represents the last time the standard was revised, e.g., ISO 9001:2008 is the current standard for quality management systems and was last revised […]

Leverage Safety for Business Success

Here’s expert who urges safety professionals to emphasize the connection between safety and business success. Today’s safety professionals need to be thinking about more than completing OSHA 300 logs and delivering HazCom training, says Kathy Seabrook, founder and president of Global Solutions, Inc. They also need to be sure they’re providing benefits and value that […]